Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day :: Untitled?

Continue cleaning and discarding today. Already finished your home? Now do your car and those spaces deep in the closet or under the bed. Proceed to consciously clean your thoughts as well, remaining very aware of what they are doing at all times today. Keep them focused on allowing your wish from yesterday to manifest itself in the material world. If you have time today, get a massage and imagine everything you don’t need leaving your body, mind, emotions and soul with every stroke of the masseuse’s hands. Or give yourself a massage with the same intent in mind. Take time to reorganize yourself with longevity in mind.

After 17:21pm HST Chandra (Moon) will be in Mrgashirsha and the tithi of Panchami will begin. At this time begin to consider what steps you need to take toward the procurement of your heart’s desire. Contemplate some possible actions you can initiate that will move you one step closer to your dreams. Give your journey a title. What’s the driving forced behind your wish? What moves you to follow this desire? Let your title be the anchor that keeps you committed to your vision.

Untitled? by Vanice

In case you find me sleeping

Splash upon me the warmth

Of your eternal embrace

Remind me I’m imponderable


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