Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day :: Savor the Fleeting

I was sitting with a client recently who would constantly worry about not having enough money. She has a job that pays well, helps others and she finds it enjoyable. Her and her partner are in a healthy, happy relationship and they live a couple of blocks away from the beach here in Hawaii. Their life is comfortable. They have all the necessities while enjoying some extras here and there yet she just couldn’t shake the feeling of needing more to be secure. We’ve been working together for a while and she has been diligent in her personal practices to help remedy the planetary energies that feed this worry. Lately some major breakthroughs occurred for her and she has become more relaxed about her financial affairs. The extent her attitude becomes carefree about this matter equals the increase she finds in abundance manifesting around her. She has realized that money does not equal security and really nothing guarantees security in life. Everything is fleeting. She has chosen to enjoy and appreciate what she has while making sure to tell the universe that she is receptive to all the sensationally breathtaking greatness which is and will be hers.

Mrigashirsha and Panchami are working together beautifully today. All actions, thoughts, words, ideas and deeds which are born of honorable intentions will find the cosmos receptive. Take time in a healing, rejuvenating practice and allow the creative flow of the universe to pulse through you. Reconsider and amend your wishes if necessary. As gains come to you, internalize them. Become one with the beauty, prosperity and triumph that surround you.

Bring a lightness into your step today. Laugh a lot and be a bit less serious about everything. Continue considering some steps that will steer your life toward your wishes and dreams. Is there someone you need to reach out to for your expedition to begin or move further forward? Think socially, make an appearance, ask for something big from someone who may be able to help or guide you. As you voyage toward your dreams, remember to appreciate the road and the scenery. Every breath is a gift. Savor life.

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