Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day :: Roar, Howl & Weep

ardraWaking up with a sore throat makes me want to scream. Oh wait, I have a sore throat. No howling for me. For the past month or so I’ve felt like something was energetically stuck at my throat. I’ve been working with some yogic techniques to move the impediment out and I can feel this physical reaction as a side effect of my efforts. Today I will harness the power of the lunar mansion Ardra to disintegrate this blockage. I will remove the limiting obstacle. Maybe a good wild cry will help?

Today can feel a bit emotionally stormy. Experiences in world might make you want to weep, howl or roar. I say go for it! Release the turbulence! A conscious emotional outburst can help you remove things from your inner being that have outlived their usefulness. If you encounter disappointment or loss today take a moment to express your feelings then move those emotions into a force behind physical discipline and material organization. Consolidate and release. Let the moisture of your tears water the landscape of your life and bring lush fruitfulness into your world.

“If nothing in the world ever ceased, eventually there would be no room left for anything new and different.” ~ Robert Svoboda

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