Boundlessness :: Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day

punarvasuI have no voice. Literally. Which is quite interesting since I’m supposed to be singing tomorrow at our Kirtan. I’ve been pondering why I allowed myself to lose my physical voice at such a crucial time. What is this loss telling me? The answers appearing are multilayered. Superficially I see that I need to stop expending too much of my energy outward. I need to keep a bit more for myself. Not being able to talk limits how much I can communicate with people and do in the world so I’ve been forced to bring it back inward. Another revelation relates to me being fully prepared to play the viola at Kirtan tomorrow. I’ve been hesitant to bring it out but now it may be my only option to participate. I will have to let my voice speak through this instrument whether I feel ready to or not. And yet a deeper certainty to emerge is that I need to speak my authentic truth. For the majority of my life, I would never hesitate to speak with candor albeit brutally. When I began to understand that I must speak with compassionate sincerity to really be heard, I folded in and stopped expressing myself fully. Finding a balance between considerate honesty and harsh truthfulness has been a major place of growth for me over the past couple of years. I’m sensing this physical obstacle as a culmination of my will and motivation to be successful in learning a better way to communicate. I am aware of an impending return of energy and a renewal of creativity in my voice. I am happy with this challenge for I know things always seem worse before they improve greatly. The pain and discomfort remind me of the potential energy I haven’t been utilizing. I’m ready to welcome my unbounded voice. Ready to speak with infinite inspiration.

The lunar mansion Punarvasu and tithi Saptami are in action today. This time is ripe for self-transformation and gaining a deeper understanding of you are. Go on a spiritual journey of self-development and be ready to welcome personal gains. Revitalize your inspiration and see the return of your own energy and vitality. Without taking any rash actions, recognize your limitlessness and see your own potential energy. With a bit of determination, you can find substantial gains today. Where can you welcome unboundedness into your life?

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