Devotion :: Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day

imageToday Moon is living in the Nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Pushya and it is the tithi Ashtami (8th lunar day after full Moon). These two cosmic pieces fit together nicely. It is a day of victory. By nourishing your spiritual energy through rituals, prayer, meditation and good actions, you can find success and abundance in life. Strengthen your connection to the Divine in ways that feel good to your soul. It is a day of worship. Enjoy the splendor that surrounds you without going into excess. Take time to nurture yourself and someone you love with an act of devotion.

In my life, I try to view everything I do as an act of devotion. From cooking for me and my husband and laundry to my daily meditation, self-care routine and volunteer services, every action I take shows my devotion to something greater than me. My marriage, the temples of our home and bodies, Source and others who need my help are all opportunities for me to worship the absolute bliss that resides beneath the surface of everything. What can be more difficult is the realm of emotion. As emotions present themselves I ask what is this feeling trying to tell me. Emotions are not by-products or a waste of energy. Emotions are messages from the depths of the soul. Emotions are how the sweet silent center within can make itself heard on a material level. Listening to and respecting these feelings is another facet of worship. Humbling ourselves before our Divine center and letting our own inner wisdom lead the way before our mind and ego nourishes our lives and is the ultimate devotion.

What action can you take today in the spirit of devotion? How can you listen to the voice of your soul more completely?

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