Always Transforming ::

I think I’m the poster child for the phrase that states nothing is constant except for change. My life is always full of transformations. Those of you who know me will not be surprised one bit. It all started when I lost my voice a week ago. Yes, I have been speechless for almost 7 days now. Today I was able to sit with a private client but that hour of talking put a bit of a strain on me. The session was necessary so I knew that I would be kept up by a power greater than my human voice. And I was right. We had an amazing reading and not only did she gain some clarity, I did as well.

It is time for me to retire my daily self-inquiry posts. I have a new understanding that the daily template can be too much for readers to keep up with and also pushing my energetic expenditure to a place it shouldn’t be. I feel like these posts have turned from a labor of love into a self-inflicted assignment. Not cool.

I need to spend more time internalizing some of my creative energy. Offering it to the Divine Mother, the Creatress, the Infinite Womb so she can move it in a better way. Thanks for reading so far and stay tuned for the fruits of this new leg of my journey. xo

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