Ripples :: Self-Inquiry Tip of the Day

makhaAny uplifting action you wish to take today will find favorable results. The Creative Force behind all is very potent today. Take some time to sit with your Self, your Infinite Center and listen deeply for the voices of your ancestors. Whether you like your predecessors or not, they have given you the gift of life without any expectation of return. While some of your ancestral fathers and mothers who are still in human form may try to place expectations upon your life, they know that they truly have no real claim to your creations or your path. Once they move on from this earthly realm, their true generosity and selfless gift becomes more apparent. Remember your ancestors today and ask for their unbiased guidance as you continue forward along your journey.

Consider the story of an ambitious man who was so focused on obtaining fame that he missed out on 40 years of simply enjoying his life. He was always depressed that he wasn’t more special or that his uniqueness wasn’t more appreciated by the world at large. He spent nights pouring over work that he believed would definitely get him noticed. It wasn’t even about money, he simply wanted to be known and remembered. What he didn’t realize was that his daily actions had quite a large effect on the people closest to him. The fame he sought already existed. The people who appreciated him went unnoticed because he didn’t recognize their importance.

Everything starts small. Everything starts with a little ripple. Your ripple may not grow to immense proportions during your lifetime but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as powerful or needed as the tidal wave created by someone else. Your ripple will carry on for generations and one day there will be a call upon you as a bygone ancestor. Your wisdom and name will be praised for guidance and blessings. While no amount of fame or greatness will allow you to transcend oblivion, what you do today with your life can have a profound impact. While the future erases all, including your name and physical accomplishments, your Spirit will always be remembered and useful to those who come after you. Do something good today. Do something, no matter how small, that creates an uplifting ripple for those closest to you.

{Moon is in the Nakshatra of Magha and it is the tithi of Dashami.}

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