Devotion ~ After a Few Years

Has someone ever dedicated something to you? If not, allow me to be the first.

Today Mark released his latest album, ‘After a Few Years’. He calls it his best creation so far. Such a large claim yet so true. This album moves me deeply, both musically and emotionally. Mark wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered everything himself. The music is perfection, the lyrics are philosophically poetic and his voice reminds me of the ocean; all at once gravelly, soft, vast and unpredictable. Truly an impressive work of art!

My heart flutters as I consider the fact that I am the muse for this mellifluous poetry. Such sweet devotion is Truth in action. I only wish to embrace and embody this blissful love so I can share it with you. From the goddess in me to the goddess in you, accept this dedication of love and devotion. It’s all for you as we are all one.

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