I’m Ordained!

Obtaining my formal ordination has been one of the greatest steps along my path of self-inquiry to date. It’s not the act of filling in information and clicking submit that makes the ordainee but the entire momentum that leads to the decision. Although it is quite arguable that this decision was already made and I simply arrived at the crossroads where I could choose to embrace my path or turn away from it. My entire perspective on life has always been fueled by a deep spiritual connection. Though organized religions never held my attention, I’ve always felt something immense just under the tangible surface of existence. My unique ability to provide spiritual counsel, especially in the area of relationships, now feels formally recognized by society. It’s not just the credentials but the personal commitment to the fact that we are all children of the same universe, we each have a right to be, and there are as many paths to enlightenment as there are people. I humbly bow at your feet and to all of creation as everything is a physical expression of divine vastness. We truly are all one.


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