Do You Feel Yourself Being Breathed?


This was one of many stunning things Sally (my Rolfer) said to me during our first session. Little did I realize just how huge this new perspective was for me. Needless to say, when I was in the womb and as a baby, I was being breathed. I had no concept of doing and simply existed for the sake of being. Somewhere along the way things got confused. My ego took over and I began to do the breathing instead of allowing it to happen on its own. I firmly believe this was behind my many years of suffering with asthma. I was fighting the natural wisdom of my body to let the universe breath me and the earth support me. All of a sudden I was the one doing the breathing and the supporting which in reality is not necessary. When I took on this great burden and separated myself from the cosmos, naturally, I began to struggle. Being separate from the ethers, my breath was constricted and resistant. Being separate from the earth, my structure twisted and bowed out of alignment. I’ve now given myself permission to stop doing and already sense an amazing shift in my body, breath, mind and soul. Such a simple idea yet powerful beyond explanation. I owe eternal gratitude to Sally for awakening me to this idea and showing me how to manifest it in my own existence. I wish for you all to feel the earth as your first limb and the ethers as your primary diaphragm. It’s stunning.

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