Looking to the Stars :: Pausa 2013 :: Why even care?

Sometimes when I speak about the planets and stars to people I can feel that they view these studies as entertainment or “for fun” at best. While I do have fun studying the cosmos and enjoy sharing my insights, I must say that the movements of these heavenly bodies in relation to the Earth are quite important. Think about parties or gatherings of people you have attended. The movements, moods and energies of the other attendees affect your own mood and energy. We all reflect upon each other what is within us and around us. Think about how changes in weather affect your mood and energy. Everything is interrelated and the planets and stars are not exempt from this. Just because we don’t see them daily doesn’t mean they aren’t affecting us with their own movements, energies and moods.

Each planet is a living being just as our Earth has a life and personality of her own. The planets moods in relation to the Earth change depending on which constellation they are aligned with and in turn, this affects how their energy is relayed to us. While the planets are not the authors of our lives, they can provide direction and deep understandings we would otherwise have to spend a lifetime trying to comprehend on our own. They give us a peek at things we may be avoiding or denying just as they show us where our power and brilliance lies. While we can never fully understand the entire cosmology of our infinite existence, we can gain insights and revelations when we tune into these extraordinary beings in our skies. They can be truly wonderful teachers if we listen.

From mid-December to mid-January we are in the Vedic month of Pausa. This particular time is ripe for spiritual journeys. Spending time exploring philosophies and studying with teachers are excellent ways to benefit from this period.

Being that winter solstice (Dec 21st) falls here, we also celebrate a return to light. This is the time of the Guru. “Gu” meaning dark and “Ru” meaning light in that we journey deeper inward to find the wisdom of our intuition leading us from the darkness into the light. Around this day, take care to restore and rejuvenate in calm reflective ways. Meditating on a candle flame or with the sound of water are powerful techniques to employ as well. In this transitional time, reflect on where your journey has traversed over the past 6 months. What have you learned? What can be left behind as you move forward into the light? What new beginnings can you embrace?

Some planetary specifics according to Jyotish…

As viewed from the Earth, Sun (Surya) is living in Sagittarius (Dhanus) from now until mid-January. Mercury (Budha) will also be in Sagittarius (Dhanus) beginning on the 21st. As you explore philosophy and seek truth of life’s eternal laws, be sure to curb any tendencies toward self-righteousness. Instead of simply talking about or displaying what you know, embody what you believe and live those beliefs authentically. Use the faculties of your mind in service to your soul. Redirect your intellect to fuel your intuition and acquire the knowledge you need to guide your soul’s journey. Remember there are many paths to enlightenment, God, nirvana and just because yours works for you doesn’t mean it will work for anyone else. Also keep in mind that someone else’s tried and true path may not have the same effect for you. Be devoted to your unique journey and genuine in all your actions, thoughts and words.

Venus (Shukra) while in Capricorn (Makara) will go retrograde on the 21st and move back into Sagittarius (Dhanus) for a bit. Until around Jan 29th, you may find yourself working through some old relationship patterns that need to be dealt with. Remain compassionate with yourself, your partner, and everyone really, for we will all be feeling the effects of this retrograde period. Let any repressed feelings free and be resolved to work through your relationship hang-ups.

As always, these are general interpretations of cosmic energy moving around us. To really understand how the planets will affect your life personally, it is important to interpret your birth chart in relation to the current cosmic order. For example, the location of Venus in your chart will change what types of things the retrograde period will affect (ie. romantic relationships, parental/sibling relationships, work relationships, your relationship with sex, yourself, or finer enjoyments like music/art, indulgences or manipulations). As you can see, the field is vast. Being able to pinpoint planetary effects in your life for guidance is priceless!

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