Astrological Insights ~ Jyotish Style (Feb 12-Mar 13)

Today the Sun marks the beginning of the next vedic month by residing in Aquarius. This time is helpful for making a connection between your individual consciousness and group consciousness. Now’s the time to focus on your community and be of service to humankind in your own way. Your unique individuality has it’s own special gifts that the world truly needs.

Saturn, Rahu & Mars are all living in Libra so you may feel restless or explosive right now. There will be varying levels of difficulty for you to maintain balance in your life. Being aware of this tendency will help you prepare and focus on keeping stability and equilibrium as best as you can.

For the next couple weeks, Venus and Jupiter are aspecting each other which can be confusing. One one hand you may feel hopeful and optimistic. On the other you may feel impatient. Here’s the energy that helps you decide. Use this paradox to make that big decision. Stay or go?

Mercury is still in retrograde for the next two weeks so remember to triple check your appointments and all communications. Back up your data. Wait to begin new projects or buy any new devices.

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