Astrological Insights ~ Jyotish Style: March 14 thru April 13

Mid March to mid April we are in the Vedic month of Caitra. This expanse of time supports the exploration of other realms of consciousness. In regards to yoga, group practices are favored as well as Yoga Nidra. If you haven’t experienced the consciousness altering practice of Yoga Nidra, I highly recommend trying it out sometime soon and doing it as much as feels right over the next few weeks. Personally, I enjoy Swami Bharati’s Yoga Nidra Meditation album. Richard Miller of iRest has some wonderful recordings as well. Check out your local yoga studios too for classes or workshops. A nice soundtrack for this time is Vishnu: Summoning Sustenance just released by Mark Medley. Vishnu’s energy helps us sustain our lives and keep up no matter what is going on around us. Enjoy!

Cosmologically there’s so much happening right now I think even the planets themselves may be feeling a bit discombobulated. No worries though because these challenges also create great opportunities for us all.

The next four weeks will enjoy the Sun (Surya) living in Pisces (Meena). This placement provides a boost to your imagination and helps you be more empathetic and sensitive toward life. This is a time to recognize and act upon the possibilities that already exist for you. Find compassion for yourself and others as everyone is dealing with some interesting emotional states. Enhance your spiritual practice this month (whatever it may be) to support yourself in transcending your fears, moods and illusions of what you think life should be like.

“All actions take place in the cycles of time

By the interweaving forces of the Divine;

But persons lost in selfish delusion

Believe they are the actor.”

~Bhagavad Gita (3, 27)

Mars (Mangala) is retrograde right now through mid May. This will affect some of you more than others. You may find it difficult to take action or control your impulses. Your anger may rise to the surface more easily and you may find that courage is harder to come by. Take care not to overwork yourself for injuries and illness could arise more easily at this time. The Yoga Nidra or a restorative practice and meditation will be very helpful. Looking at where Mars is in your own birth chart will provide insight into which aspects of your life will feel this critical, restless, anxious energy more dramatically. Take care of yourself!

Saturn (Shani) is also in retrograde through July 20th. While this may sound scary, due to other planetary influences on Saturn, this time can be beneficial for meeting commitments and responsibilities. Even though your motivation may be low, this is the time to pull upon reserve will to stay focused and move forward slowly. It is imperative that you maintain any discipline you’ve set out for yourself recently. You may not feel like you are making a difference but persevere and you will be rewarded. Also remember to have some healthy fun during this time. Enjoy the simple things in life.

Our fast moving friend Mercury (Budha) will be providing us with opportunities to begin a course of study or deepen current education endeavors. He supports communication, writing and analysis quite strongly. You may find your mind on prosperity and financial concerns right now but this will shift to a health oriented focus and then to spirituality and death toward the end of March. The first half of April finds the mind becoming a bit more dreamy and imaginative. Go with it!

Lovely Venus (Shukra) is bringing some positive attention to your social interactions, creative work and business negotiations right now. Your relationships may be seeing some forward motion as well. Patience and perseverance are key. When April comes around you may find yourself enjoying and relating to groups in unconventional, service-oriented ways.

All in all, be committed and self-disciplined as you do your part to persevere through the difficult times. All the while enjoying a creative streak and welcoming all the newness and excitement that the beginning of Spring has to offer.

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