Astrological Heads Up ~ Jyotish Style: Mercury in Pisces

Mercury (Budha) will be moving through the constellation of Pisces through April 20/21 (depending on where you are in the world). Why does this deserve a heads up? Well, when Mercury moves through Pisces, it is a struggle. He is debilitated or weakened. To make matters even more intense, Mars (Mangala) is in retrograde and looking directly at Mercury. Yeah ok, so what does this all mean for you?

Over the next few weeks it is a good idea let the logical mind (Mercury) rest. You will be more prone to making mistakes in calculations or logic based decisions. Double check all of your calculations (especially important with tax time!) Bring yourself some peace through meditative activities that help you tune in to your intuition, emotions and spirituality. Mars’ relationship with Mercury during this time will also create more aggression in communications. It is imperative to really think before you speak to avoid being misunderstood or hurting others. This also applies to listening. Instead of reacting to something someone else says, take a moment and ask for clarification if you don’t understand them or if they’ve hurt your feelings with their words. They may just be falling under the troublesome influence of the Mars/Mercury dance.

This will affect some more than others and the more specific influences will depend on where the planets are in your personal birth chart. In general though, the previous guidelines are good to keep in mind.

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