Astrological Insights ~ Jyotish Style: April 13 to May 14

Today marks the beginning of the Vedic month of Vaisakha which is when the Sun (Surya) is seen to be living in Aries (Mesha). From now until mid May is a good time to focus on strengthening your will power and concentration. It is nice to bring more physical activity into your life as well. If you fell behind on your New Years resolution to exercise more, no worries, just start again. If you practice yoga, you will benefit from deepening your experience of strong asanas.

The lunar eclipse will happen between the night of the 14th and early morning of the 15th and its effects can be felt for about a month. This time brings a darkening of the mind yet can give you a new perspective of your emotions. You may feel a strong desire to explore the caverns of the soul and an urge to get in touch with your True self. Meditation will be very helpful. The solar eclipse will happen on the 28th and its effects will linger for about 6 months. This time is ripe for a transformation of consciousness. Reflect on your life’s path to resolve hidden issues that arise and get them out of the way for good. Slow down, rest, bring some calm into your life as you reconsider your belief systems to discover what can stay and what needs to go. These eclipses can bring some attention to the constant dance between yourself and your relationships. Notice how you express your identity through these relationships and strive for a balance between self and others. Instead of making any big decisions right now, just continue to observe and reflect.

Even though communications are still a little strained and you may be quick to argue or become frustrated, there is some softness moving into the realm of your romantic partnership. Friendliness and compassion will be easier to come by in a couple of weeks. You may also find it easier to communicate your feelings in a more harmonious way in a few weeks. Romantic relationships as well as your ways of devotion begin to see a surge of creativity, spirituality and joy toward the end of April.

With all of the intensity, chaos and unexpected changes that are abounding over the next few weeks, it is very important to chill out and remain calm. Being around or immersed in water can really help you keep your cool. Instead of complaining about the madness around you, direct your energy in a creative, positive way. Reflect inward. Use the challenges to learn something about yourself. Tune in to your sense of a greater Trust and know that all is as it should be even if it feels completely insane. God’s messages to you through the cosmic energies of the planets are very unique. Taking time to listen, reflect and absorb will prepare you to take the appropriate actions when the time is right.

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