Little did I know how those 6 weeks would be the best of my life thus far! After living in Hawaii for 4 years it was hard to believe another earthly locale could inspire on equal grounds. Yet, as the only taxi in town drove away from the cozy mountain cabin I was to make my home with Mark for the next month and a half, I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging. The deep silence of the majestic snow-capped mountains was enthralling. Applause and laughter rose from the clear rushing river as if God were acknowledging the ridiculous beauty surrounding me. When the soft breeze blew across the meadow, various shades of wild green grasses rustled soothingly as colorful wildflowers swayed in their music. Lying on the porch in the warm midday sun after an hour of yoga was only topped by snuggling into a sleeping bag in the meadow to stare up at the late night display of infinite stars. My early mornings were often blessed with two young deer playing and bounding through the meadow. I can only aspire to dance through life and enjoy this beautiful creation half as much as those perfect deer.

2 thoughts on “Colorado

  1. V, I think that in a way you are a turtle. You move at your own pace that suits you and wherever you are, you carry your home and peace about you.

    Always welcome home.

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