View Brilliant Jupiter (Guru)

If you get up before dawn on Saturday September 20th and look toward the East, you should be able to spot Jupiter (Guru) near the waning crescent Moon (Chandra). Both Jupiter and Moon are also moving through the constellation of Cancer (Makara). With this placement, Jupiter brings an expansiveness to our ability to nurture and teach. Ourselves and others. Our emotional nature becomes a great teacher at this time and our intuition can be much stronger. I like to consider our emotions as the voice of our soul. When we are feeling emotionally unbalanced this is usually a sign that something in our lives isn’t in harmony with our soul’s needs. Many of us are taught to push down or ignore our emotions but I believe this is very detrimental to a strong connection with our intuition and spiritual desires. Listen to yourself. Observe your feelings. Try to understand what they are telling you about the course of your life. More specifically, the aspect of your life which is represented by Cancer in your birthchart will be most affected by this placement of Jupiter. There will be a very supportive energy for you to expand in that particular field of your life. If you aren’t sure where your birth Jupiter is, consult your friendly vedic astrologer. Jupiter will be in Cancer until July of 2015 so there is great potential during this time. Understanding your own Jupiter is important to taking full advantage of the cosmic support.

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