Truthfulness, Self-deceit & Relationships

Can you 100% honestly say that you are living your own story? Your truth. Or are you in a story that isn’t fully your own? Maybe a mask you wear for fear of being rejected for who you really are. Maybe a family business that was forced upon you. Maybe something you took on because you thought its what society wanted from you. Maybe for “security”. It’s time to take a close look at the story of your life right now. Is it authentically you?

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to be truthful and surround yourself with truthful people. Although the truth can be painful and many times you don’t want to hear it, it is a necessity for bringing your ideals and passions forward. It lets you commit to your aspirations and expand your world into the universal. Discovering truths can be hard at first but they end up enhancing your life infinitely.

The funny thing about lying to yourself is that many times you know you are doing it but just refuse to acknowledge it. There is a deep silent urge of ‘what am i doing?’ or your body will react negatively to try to encourage you in a different direction or your mind will try to rationalize your actions to make you feel better about your decisions. If your mind ever says “Well… but…” you know something is wrong. One of my recurring lies was “Well, he treats me terribly sometimes and my feelings are always getting hurt but I know he loves me and I’m just being too sensitive.” Yikes! When I look back at the plethora of relationships where I rationalized staying in them with that line, it stirs something in me. I feel a fire of determination to share with others in hopes of helping them find truthfulness for themselves.

I lied to myself about many things over the course of my life. From relationships to foods that I ate, it always ended badly or caused a disturbing upheaval that was avoidable. I forgave myself for this long-running deceit and began moving forward on a path of truthfulness. I love myself and am devoted to being the best I can be in all areas of my life so it is a relief that my thoughts and actions now fully support me.

What I realized about my own pattern of self-deceit was related to my lifestyle habits and how I treated my body. How could I expect to fully hear my soul much less discern between my intuition and my small ego or mind if my body was full of things that hindered this process? The more junk I ate and substances I imbued, the less I was able to be truthful with myself. I was hiding. My relationships revealed the aftermath of this pollution in painful ways. From superficiality to co-dependency to abusiveness, I’ve experienced it all. No matter how much meditation or prayer I did, my body was too polluted for my truth to find its way out. The clarity I experience now is stunning and I can never go back to the way I did things before. I’m free!

Universally, the most important step toward truthfulness is to create a healthy environment for your soul to speak. It’s true that the body is the temple as it houses your soul. If your temple is falling apart or full of junk or dirty then your soul can barely breathe and move much less speak out to you in a clear way. Take care of yourself physically so your inner infinite wisdom can move freely outward. Today, let your body speak to you of what it truly desires; a healthy, pain-free, vibrant life. No need to take action today but just sit with a vision of yourself as radiant wellness. What does that look and feel like? Be in it.

You have the most amazing wisdom within and you absolutely know what is best for you. There are many methods to renew your body, train yourself to listen to your truth, and strengthen your intuition. I use a variety of things because I find they work well for me. Seek out what works for you. Find deliverance in uncovering your own truth and then living it with all your heart and soul.

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