Radiant Wellness & Your Soul

The freedom and clarity that I find myself experiencing now were hard won. Cleaning up my temple was a challenging journey and even now, it is a daily decision I make. I had been putting pollution into my body for as long as I can remember. During all those years, my main self-deception was ‘I enjoy it and am not hurting anybody’. The trouble was I couldn’t really see the truth. My vision was cloudy. In reality, I was defacing my temple and shadowing my relationship with my own soul.

In turn, this led to the myriad of relationship struggles I experienced. How could I expect to have a genuine connection with someone else if I wasn’t able to have one with myself? I did have great moments in relationships where I felt the warmed by mutual caring, uplifted by love and joy but there was still a little voice within saying something is missing. It was my own connection to myself. My soul was struggling to whisper the words that would grab my attention.

It wasn’t until I started experiencing physical disease that I realized I needed a big change. It’s been a long road full of backsliding and success for the last 4 years but I am on the other side now. I crested the mountain, turned my face up to the sun, drew in the sweet clean air and opened my arms to radiant wellness. I finally returned home to the infinite wisdom and unconditional love of my effulgent soul. Thanks for your patience my friend, it is wonderful to hear you again.

Let your own journey toward truth begin today. Remember the vision of yourself as brilliant wellness and take a step on that path right now. Make a new choice. Make a commitment to yourself. Rebuild your temple and find a deeper connection to the voice of your soul. Enhance your inner relationship to bring new light and expansive love into your external relationships. It’s worth it. You’re worth it. The people you love are worth it.

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