New Moon Nourishment

There’s something magically enriching about living with the cycles of the moon in mind.  I can feel the effects of the lunar phases in my own life quite strongly now that I pay closer attention.  The new moon asks me for nourishment, inspiration, soulful dance sessions, poetic flows on paper, perceptive listening, immersive meditation and mystical explorations.

During the dark moon I eat lightly to allow my body to rest and restore itself from the inside out. My favorite nourishing food is Golden Milk. I take time to say hello to the sunrise in my yoga practice as I pray through the movements of my physical body. Honoring the elements, I sit before salt (earth), water, a candle (fire), incense (air) and violet gemstones (ether/spirit) to meditate on my personal sacred words of guidance. Drifting to other realms of existence, I feel the power, strength, fluidity, vitality, grace, lightness and expansiveness of the universe move within and around me as I merge with the cycles of creation. The cycles of the moon.

Today’s new moon soundtrack is some of my favorite tracks off of the album “Blossom” by Emuin. Absolutely perfect for my silky soulful dance moments and graceful freestyle prayer. This music waxes and wanes just like the moon and I can find whichever energy I’m looking for enfolded throughout. A contemplative walk in nature keeps my breath and mind centered. Calm. Ready to move forward into the light of the soon growing moon. Nurturing and nourishing with a session of Yoga Nidra is the meditation that brings all of this together and lets me integrate everything I’ve done for myself today.

As I move through this day and take great care of myself, I know with each nourishing gift that I am not only nurturing my life but also elevating my relationship with my soul and partner. When I love myself, I feed my soul and cultivate a deeper connection with my partner. When I live with the moon cycles, I honor God & Goddess. With these prayerful intentions, I reverently uplift myself and my relationships.

The natural pulse of life moves so much more freely now as I quit fighting and trying to control things. Long gone are the white knuckled, stomach churning moments of anxious worry about things I don’t control. I let my life wax, wane, bloom and retire just like the moon going through its phases. I live and die as needed. Just like the moon.

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