Are your relationships really harmonious?

Many of us have a skewed perspective on harmony. We think of it as smiles and laughter, as agreement and joy. While this is partially true, the real seed of harmony in relationships can look very disharmonious.

I lived in false harmony with myself for many years and am appalled at the effects of this on my life and relationships.

Think of how many times you don’t speak your truth to a loved one for fear of hurting feelings or disturbing the status quo or causing an argument. Make no mistake, there are appropriate ways to speak your mind so others receive your message fully. If you communicate in a blaming or accusatory fashion, nobody will want to hear you and your words will be lost in emotional turmoil. People shut down when they feel attacked.

But your words need to be expressed! Your genuine face needs to be seen!

When we pretend everything is okay in our relationships we are not only cheating ourselves but those we love as well. It is very important to express feelings and thoughts in reference to our relationships. Sometimes these expressions make others uncomfortable and that is understandable.

The more we shove our emotions down, the sicker we become. The more we hide our truths, the less happiness we have. We end up hurting ourselves and our relationships.

How can you find genuine harmony in your relationships? What do you need to speak up about? What do you need to forgive? Taking a first step will more than likely cause some turbulence but when loved ones take time to understand each other’s feelings and let them be validated, magic happens.

There is a calm on the other side of the storm. A truly harmonious relationship doesn’t just happen and can’t be faked. It takes work and patience, compassion and understanding. And most of all… LOVE.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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