Freedom :: A Poem

a path
a never-ending journey

As the sun rose
She knew not how to love.
The warm bright light
Missed her heart from above.

The lost piece troubled her
As she searched far and near,
Trying to fill the emptiness
She made life less clear.

Noon found her still lost
Blindly wandering and grasping,
For anything to bury the pain
And hide her fear with futile masking.

The world around her showed its secrets;
The beauty and magic were not ashamed.
With arms opened wide they waited for her;
Freedom from bondage was given and claimed.

The new warmth was painful
And she shied away at first.
Hearing the voice of her soul
Brought her heart to a burst.

Stilling her body and mind
Reaching deeper within,
Welcoming her own wisdom
Crying at how distant she’d been.

Revealing her truth slowly
Courage reaches to hold her hand.
Open and vulnerable to all
Finally whole and willing to stand.

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