Emotional Honesty :: A Poem


© Vanice Michelle Medley 2016

Why today?
Why those words?
The careless scrawl on the board
Mocked and taunted her;
Emotional Honesty

Scoffing, she leaned back in her chair
To a chorus of insistent scratching pens.
Torturous sounds, worse than clicking keyboards
Amplified her wordless- (worthless) -ness;
Emotional Honesty

Honestly, she felt nothing.
Silence echoed in her empty spaces
Giving birth to a hot blaze.
Her eyes flashed, her jaw clenched.
Emotional Honesty

Her heart would soon be well-done,
Burnt to a crisp, a pile of ashes.
She wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t.
Pen to paper, flowing ink
Like a cool healing well spring;
Emotional honesty.

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