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Recently I’ve looked deeply into my capacity for unconditional love, trust, giving and devotion.

I asked the questions: What am I devoted to? Do I give of myself without expecting anything in return? Do my devotion and giving deplete or replenish me?

How am I restricted from giving pure love to others? Where does this restriction come from? What does it feel like in my body?

And the most profoundly illuminating question of all…

Am I holding onto anyone else’s expectations of me (parents, children, partners, friends, society)? I asked myself how would it feel to release these expectations?

I decided to take time to really listen to what other people are asking of me. Hearing the truth behind their expectations and finding compassion for them and their demands helped me see that their expectations of me are a way for them to feel safe and secure in their experience of life.

This doesn’t mean I have to fulfill their expectations though!

Understanding where these expectations are coming from was enough to set me free.

I began to understand that people interact with me in a way that reflects their relationship with themselves.

Letting go of the need to live up to everyone else’s expectations while being true to myself allows me to give unconditional love and fully trust life with a bit more ease.

This compassionate understanding boosted my courage to stay with my true direction regardless of everyone’s expectations and demands. I can now listen to others and respect where they are coming from while still following my truth.


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