Dancing Inward :: Lunar Poetry

Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing circa 1786 by William Blake 1757-1827

Can you hear the call of your merged minds?

In this sensitive and magical creature
dwells a gentle need for forgiveness.

Will you accept your own invitation
to the dance of regeneration?

Stomp and spin and cry out in
time to the expanding song.

Clap your hands in offering and
acceptance of who you are,
who you will be.

**New Moon Specifics**
Today’s new moon is in the lunar mansion of Hasta. This lunar cycle is asking us to notice the delicate nature of our physical health. How things can change so easily and quickly. We can spend time this cycle connecting with the needs of our own body and gently responding to it’s requests. Our emotional mind and intellectual mind come together today and we can get a clear glimpse of the growth and regeneration that lies ahead while offering ourselves forgiveness for the mistakes we’ve made in the past. Spending some time in dance or with music during this lunar cycle can be very transformational.

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